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Messing With Your Mind

Time to see if we can see things a bit differently.

A student wants to explore perspective soon, so these resources should be really useful...

Kyoko Visited Our Class Today

Grade 11 students are participating in an International Intercultural Mural Exchange with Japan (Japan Art Mile).  Kyoko Oyakawa visited our class today to help us learn about Japanese culture. 
Thank you, Kyoko!

What if We Don't Remember?

Remembrance Day is tomorrow.  Do you have a family member or friend who has fought for their country?  Is there a way for you to understand the significance of tomorrow's events?  What if you don't really understand why Remembrance Day is so important?  

Can art help to express the magnitude of sacrifice that was made throughout each battle, defeat and victory over the years?  Have a look at Paul Cummins' installation in London...

Can art change the way we see things?  How can an object symbolize something so much bigger than itself?  #NipRockArt students, your challenge is to respond to these questions as well as the art shown here.  How will you remember?  How will you honour others?
Extra resource:  The Royal Canadian Legion .