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E-Learning Film Festival from Media Arts Students!

E-Learning can be very challenging, especially when you're learning about new tools and you're trying to be creative.  Fortunately, my Media Arts students were up for a challenge!  Congratulations to my class, who have pushed their own abilities and found success in the online environment!

Critical Thinking: What is Art?

A note to my grade 9 students:  I'm writing this to you on Sunday morning because I'm a geek.  I'm also doing this to avoid other things I'm supposed to be doing, like folding my laundry.

...gotta love Snapchat
I'm learning about something called critical thinking, which is really interesting to geeky people like me.  Today, you're going to use a bit of critical thinking to help you question what you're going to see and hear.  After you watch the two short videos, you will form an opinion based on your new knowledge.  Don't worry:  it's easy and fun.  Time to get your geek on.
Your first video is made by McHooots, and I found myself totally enjoying his sense of humour, even though I didn't think I would.  

When we think critically, we want to go beyond simply watching a video or reading text.  Critical thinking helps us understand what we're watching & reading.

I have a few questions to help you think about what you just watched.  If…