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The art program at Nipigon-Red Rock High School is proud to announce that we will be sharing our artworks on the Artsonia web site!  Please take a look at the video posted below to become familiar with this wonderful program!

On Monday October 1st, students will be given permission forms to bring home for their parents/guardians to sign.  These forms will give parents the option to give permission online (very convenient) or to simply sign & return to the school.  If you are a parent or guardian of a student in the art program at our school, please feel free to contact me if you would like to receive this information via email by writing to Mrs. Rose: .
I want to thank Artsonia for providing the opportunity for students to showcase their work in an online gallery to share with their family, friends and school!   

Dot Day 2012

Congratulations #niprockart students!  We completed our Dot Day artworks!
What a busy day!  Three classes at Nip-Rock High created large, interactive artworks today to help celebrate Dot Day.  
The grade 11 & 12 classes worked together this afternoon by becoming dots in a large dot-to-dot picture.  We invited a group of young students from two local schools to complete the picture by becoming the lines that would 'connect the dots'.  They were so helpful, and they made a beautiful artwork to share with the world (which we decided to call World Peace, since it is our first project that is part of International Dot Day):

Thank you so much to our 'guest artists'! ...and a very special thank you to Mr. Lespi, our rooftop photographer! Our second project was completed by the grade 9 class, who wanted to experiment with a new material:  ice!  The courtyard was our canvas, but to make sure we could see our coloured orbs properly, we used some white sheets to cover the gr…

Dot Day 2012

On Monday September 17, 2012, three of the art classes at Nip-Rock HS are going to take part in Dot Day by creating large interactive artworks in our courtyard! 
Many thanks to for sharing a wealth of information about International Dot Day, and to Peter H. Reynolds for his inspiring book "The Dot" (the inspiration for Dot Day) as well as the cool poster above! :)

We'll be sure to share our activities by posting plenty of photos and reflections on our blog.  Feel free to follow #niprockart on Twitter to keep up with any updates & pics on Monday as well!

International Dot Day : Get Connected! Celebrate and Share!

Welcome to Art!

September 4th is here...

To all of my former students who are returning for more art adventures, welcome back!
To my brand new grade nines, I am very excited to meet you!

You will notice that this art class may not be what you expected at first.  Although you will be learning about techniques, history and theory, you will also be invited to open up to the world.  There will be many opportunities to explore global culture, customs and art practices.

Every now and then, take a moment to consider the relevance of what you're learning about.  How can art improve your life?  What is so important about expressing thoughts and feelings visually?  Why are some artworks so important, and sometimes even guarded?

There are so many questions to tackle, but I sincerely hope that you bring many questions to our class.  There may not be anything quite as important to your quality of life (and your experiences in school) as a healthy dose of curiosity.  Investigate, question and explore.  Make m…