Welcome to Art!

September 4th is here...

To all of my former students who are returning for more art adventures, welcome back!
To my brand new grade nines, I am very excited to meet you!

You will notice that this art class may not be what you expected at first.  Although you will be learning about techniques, history and theory, you will also be invited to open up to the world.  There will be many opportunities to explore global culture, customs and art practices.

Every now and then, take a moment to consider the relevance of what you're learning about.  How can art improve your life?  What is so important about expressing thoughts and feelings visually?  Why are some artworks so important, and sometimes even guarded?

There are so many questions to tackle, but I sincerely hope that you bring many questions to our class.  There may not be anything quite as important to your quality of life (and your experiences in school) as a healthy dose of curiosity.  Investigate, question and explore.  Make mistakes, but make them while trying something new.  I'll bet you anything you'll gain wisdom from those mistakes!  (Believe it or not, yes, you can begin to be wise even when you're young!)

I look forward to sharing many new learning experiences with you this semester!

Your teacher,

Mrs. Rose

And now... a fabulous video from my friend Mr. Royan Lee:


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