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Exploring Aboriginal Storytelling in Art Class

Grade 10 #NipRockArt students have been learning about some wonderful artists in class, especially those who use art to tell stories with cultural significance.  We were inspired by Aboriginal Arts & Stories, who have created a competition that encourages youth to share their stories in art and writing.

Recently, we looked at the art of Jane Ash Poitras and Carl Beam.

Artists' experiences, history, insights and interpretations can all influence their work.  It's important to consider the stories behind each creation, especially if it helps us appreciate the art on a deeper level.  
This Tuesday night, CBC will host a discussion on Aboriginal storytelling, featuring authors Waubgeshig Rice, Joseph Boyden, and Wab Kinew.  For students and families who are interested, it may be interesting to tune in Tuesday night to learn from these talented individuals.

More information about Tuesday night's broadcast:…

Lines, Music & More in Grade 9 Art

Are lines simple?  ...or can they be something more?  Can lines represent something, and then become art? What if we controlled lines, and they told a story, or something more?

Where do we see lines?  Are they only found on paper, or can they be found in other places?  Look around you right now.  What types of lines do you see?  Are they straight or curved?  Are they horizontal, vertical, or diagonal?  Are they broken?

The video above shows the notes that are being played on sheet music through an arrangement.  What lines do you see?  Can you imagine connecting the dots from the music notes?  What would that look like? Would those lines represent the song, or would you use different types of lines?  

Does the beat or tempo make a difference in a song?  Can lines represent the beat?  How?

You will be using LINE to create an artwork inspired by music.  You can choose your favourite song, or a medley of songs that are connected somehow.  We will be experimenting with ways to use line in…

Land Art

Grade 11 & 12 #NipRockArt students will be exploring Land Art in a group project over the next few weeks.  Simon Beck is a contemporary artist, which means that he is producing art at the present time. His work will influence our senior students, as they learn much about connections between art, mathematics and geography.

A recent conversation with the artist introduced me to terms such as "Sierpinski triangle" and "koch curve".  We will research these designs along with a few others, with the help of a friendly math teacher who has agreed to help us with our project. :)

Questions for my senior art students:   Do you think we should create one large design, or should we divide the class into groups?Where would be the best location for your design?Which math design will influence your land art?  How does geography connect to your land art?You probably already know that you will be blogging about this experience.  Use your blog to document your planning process, …

What Is Art? What Isn't Art?

Is Voice of Fire art?  What about Banksy?   How can they be considered art after looking at something like Michelangelo's David?

Senior #NipRockArt students are busy writing their first blog post, comparing and contrasting different forms of art.  The challenge is forming an opinion and defending it, which can be very challenging for any art critic.

For my grade 11 & 12 students, remember to refer to the infographic, "How to Write a Great Blog Post" as you begin to form your thoughts.  Don't forget to explain your thoughts by providing good descriptions and hopefully some images (with appropriate credit).

Photo Credit: Paulo Brandão via Compfightcc

Welcome (back) to Art, #NipRockArt Students!

Welcome (back) to Art!
To help stay organized, we will all be using digital portfolios.  Basically, this is a way to use the computer to keep all of your assignments and artworks together.  You have a few options:Many students already use Blogger.  If you don't mind having a public blog, this may be your first choice.  There are a few tips available *here* that will help you create your blog, but take a peek at *this presentation* that provides a step-by-step tutorial.  Keep in mind that this tutorial has been created in another district.  You do not have to refer to their school when creating your blog.    **REMEMBER TO AVOID USING YOUR FULL NAME when you create your profile and blog address!**If you (or your parents) prefer a bit more privacy, let me know.  I will help you create a private blog through Edublogs.All grade 9 students will be using Edublogs this semester.  You will be introduced to this during class, and we will go through login steps together.   Grade 9 students …