Lines, Music & More in Grade 9 Art

Are lines simple?  ...or can they be something more?  Can lines represent something, and then become art? What if we controlled lines, and they told a story, or something more?

Where do we see lines?  Are they only found on paper, or can they be found in other places?  Look around you right now.  What types of lines do you see?  Are they straight or curved?  Are they horizontal, vertical, or diagonal?  Are they broken?

The video above shows the notes that are being played on sheet music through an arrangement.  What lines do you see?  Can you imagine connecting the dots from the music notes?  What would that look like? Would those lines represent the song, or would you use different types of lines?  

Does the beat or tempo make a difference in a song?  Can lines represent the beat?  How?

You will be using LINE to create an artwork inspired by music.  You can choose your favourite song, or a medley of songs that are connected somehow.  We will be experimenting with ways to use line in class:  drawing, painting, sculpting...  

**Bring your favourite music to class, and let's see what we can create together! where's the DJ?  :)


Does Kandinsky's work remind you of music?  



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