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Shared Values: An E-Learning Exploration

How Can We Explore Art of the Middle Ages Without Textbooks?

#AskACurator Today, grade 10 #art students are getting familiar with online art collections. Which galleries & museums will they explore? Which gallery or museum will be their favourite? #NipRockArt #gallery #museum #artsed A photo posted by Colleen Rose (@colleenkr) on Mar 21, 2016 at 8:05am PDT . .

Grade 10 students are exploring online collections of art.  We have been introduced to a number of galleries and museums that offer a number of resources that are available to us.  Our question now:  if we are studying the art of the Middle Ages, how do we find information without relying on textbooks?

Who can we contact?
Will anyone be able to help us explore the art of the Middle Ages?

Back in Time...

Grade 9 students are getting introduced to a variety of art history periods this week...  Prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek & Roman art is on our agenda before Easter break.  Learning about early and Classical art provides students with an understanding of creative evolution and significant artistic contributions throughout several thousands of years.

Prehistoric artists used natural materials to create art for a variety of purposes. Today we were introduced to the Venus of Willendorf, while the video above displays some fantastic art created in caves.  The most popular cave art can be found in Lascaux.

If we skip forward several thousand years, we can begin to explore Egyptian art.

The video above mentions Mesopotamia, but we will be focusing more of our attention on Egyptian art, for the sake of simplicity.  We will become familiar with Egypt's geographical location and compare it to major landmarks, such as the Mediterranean Sea and the continents of Africa and Europe.
We will…


I can't wait to see my grade 9 art students, who will help me fill up this board with ideas...! #competition #NipRockArt #artsed #ideageneration A photo posted by Colleen Rose (@colleenkr) on Mar 1, 2016 at 10:19am PST
Grade 9 students, today we will begin to create by thinking of ideas:  by ourselves, together, through play... any way we can!  A few short videos might spark some ideas too... ;)

Great thinking from grade 9 #art students, as we begin to tackle our theme of #competition! #NipRockArt #artsed #ideagenerationA photo posted by Colleen Rose (@colleenkr) on Mar 2, 2016 at 5:39am PST