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Art Criticism

What is art criticism?  Why do we need to know how to criticize art?  Isn't criticism a negative word? Is it important to be able to criticize our own art?  
In the video shown above, Gabriel Orozco provides a "Mirror Crit" for his students (and for us).  With little-to-no previous information about the artwork, he presents and discusses the work of his students as if each piece were his own.  
Questions for students:  What does this tell us about the importance of context?How would you feel if Gabriel discussed one of your artworks using the Mirror Crit?Do you understand your own work well enough to have it criticized?  What would you learn by having your work criticized?
#NipRockArt students will be using critical analysis to view and understand artworks throughout the remainder of the semester.

Start looking at art with new eyes.  What do you see?  Do you appreciate the artwork, or is there something missing?  How can art analysis help you understand and value art in a …

Giving Back

To help students understand the impact of their actions as well as the power of art, grades 9 through 11 are exploring the theme of Giving Back throughout the month of December.  Before they begin their holiday break, students will be looking for ways to use art to benefit others.

Each class will be working together to think of individuals or groups that can benefit from their help, and the focus will be on members of our local communities.

Students need to understand that they have the ability to make a difference, so we have been trying to understand how our actions can help us take a stand against our fear of trying new things.  By contributing, we show others that we can work together and share common concerns rather than holding back because we're not sure how others may judge us.

These studies align very well with our curriculum, which promotes connections between art production and social values:  [students will] " demonstrate an understanding of how art works reflec…


What a great time to begin our new unit in art.  #NipRockArt students will be exploring many possibilities for using art to help others this month.  We will focus on our communities, thinking of the ways that others experience the holiday season.  

If you have any suggestions for our students, please feel free to leave a comment on this post, or tweet to #NipRockArt.  We would love to hear your ideas.