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Mainstream Street Art?

Is Street Art caught between two worlds?  Since when did street art become the next best thing, showcased on primetime TV?  How do we showcase art that is viewed as subversive by many, illegal to some?  Does this appreciation somehow strip away some of its appeal?

Watching a show like this reminds me of my taste in music when I was a kid.  I remember hearing a song and thinking it was great, until someone else said that they liked it or I heard it play on the radio... several times.  It didn't feel like my song any more because everyone else liked it just as much.  I'm guessing that, somewhere, some serious street artists are cringing when they see clips from Street Art Throwdown.  
But maybe the artists are thrilled to have a new venue to share their work?  What if I'm mistaken, and my perceived cool factor for street artists is somehow mistaken because I lack the familiarity that so many other people have.  My knowledge of street artists and their work may never lend its…