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Questions to Help Gr.11 Students Begin Problem-Solving (Renaissance Project)



Grade 11 #NipRockArt students are beginning to dive into the beautiful depths of Renaissance art history.  We'll examine some of the main concepts (such as references to Classical art, Humanism, and guilds), and explore major advances, artists and artworks.

Who were the major players in the Renaissance?  How did the Renaissance happen after a so-called drought in visual expression throughout the Middle Ages? (don't get me wrong, we still appreciate the texts & architecture of Romanesque & Gothic times...)  How did commerce and economics affect the production of art?  ...who controlled the money at that time?  What was life like for the average person?  How did people recover after the Plague?  What is a merchant family, and why is this important?  Who were the Medicis?  Did artists get along and learn from each other, or was there any competition?  How did developments in science and society affect the success of the Renaissance?
...the list of questions could go on …

Show & Tell

There has been so much activity in the #NipRockArt room lately, I had to share some stellar work!

On October 6, Liz Sandals, the Minister of Education, visited our school.  Here are some pictures:

#NipRockArt students love working with clay & making pottery.   Here is a picture from our latest firing:

With most tasks, students are allowed to use the material/technique of their choice that helps them interpret a theme or demonstrate their understanding of a concept. 

Keep up the excellent work, everyone.  You are developing into wonderful artists!