Show & Tell

There has been so much activity in the #NipRockArt room lately, I had to share some stellar work!

On October 6, Liz Sandals, the Minister of Education, visited our school.  Here are some pictures:

Brett presented Minister Sandals with his art, created in the Woodland style.

Abbi hand-painted a card just for the Minister's visit! 

#NipRockArt students love working with clay & making pottery.  
Here is a picture from our latest firing:

With most tasks, students are allowed to use the material/technique of their choice that helps them interpret a theme or demonstrate their understanding of a concept. 

Beautiful.  Thank you, Alexa.

Keep up the excellent work, everyone.  You are developing into wonderful artists!




  1. Wonderful post!! Well guys I am here to get some details about Aboriginal Art. Actually yesterday I went to a cultural event and saw beautiful art designs and my friend told they are Aboriginal Art pieces. I am very curious to know more about this art type.


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