Welcome (back) to Art, #NipRockArt Students!

Welcome (back) to Art!

To help stay organized, we will all be using digital portfolios.  Basically, this is a way to use the computer to keep all of your assignments and artworks together.  You have a few options:

  1. Many students already use Blogger.  If you don't mind having a public blog, this may be your first choice.  There are a few tips available *here* that will help you create your blog, but take a peek at *this presentation* that provides a step-by-step tutorial.  Keep in mind that this tutorial has been created in another district.  You do not have to refer to their school when creating your blog.    **REMEMBER TO AVOID USING YOUR FULL NAME when you create your profile and blog address!**
  2. If you (or your parents) prefer a bit more privacy, let me know.  I will help you create a private blog through Edublogs.
  3. All grade 9 students will be using Edublogs this semester.  You will be introduced to this during class, and we will go through login steps together.  

Grade 9 students will be using Class Dojo.  It's a fun way to keep on track, and parents might enjoy knowing how things are going at school.

Let's start preparing for a great semester. :)



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