Exploring Aboriginal Storytelling in Art Class

Grade 10 #NipRockArt students have been learning about some wonderful artists in class, especially those who use art to tell stories with cultural significance.  We were inspired by Aboriginal Arts & Stories, who have created a competition that encourages youth to share their stories in art and writing.

Recently, we looked at the art of Jane Ash Poitras and Carl Beam.

Artists' experiences, history, insights and interpretations can all influence their work.  It's important to consider the stories behind each creation, especially if it helps us appreciate the art on a deeper level.  

This Tuesday night, CBC will host a discussion on Aboriginal storytelling, featuring authors Waubgeshig Rice, Joseph Boyden, and Wab Kinew.  For students and families who are interested, it may be interesting to tune in Tuesday night to learn from these talented individuals.

Photo courtesy of CBC News

More information about Tuesday night's broadcast:  http://www.cbc.ca/books/canadareads/cbc-ottawa-presents-aboriginal-reads.html



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