Land Art

Grade 11 & 12 #NipRockArt students will be exploring Land Art in a group project over the next few weeks.  Simon Beck is a contemporary artist, which means that he is producing art at the present time. His work will influence our senior students, as they learn much about connections between art, mathematics and geography.

Image courtesy of Simon Beck
A recent conversation with the artist introduced me to terms such as "Sierpinski triangle" and "koch curve".  We will research these designs along with a few others, with the help of a friendly math teacher who has agreed to help us with our project. :)

Questions for my senior art students:  
  • Do you think we should create one large design, or should we divide the class into groups?
  • Where would be the best location for your design?
  • Which math design will influence your land art?  How does geography connect to your land art?
  • You probably already know that you will be blogging about this experience.  Use your blog to document your planning process, your design, and your reflections.  Others will be able to learn from you!  

Other land artists:
*Grade 12 students, does any of this art influence your series work?*

*thanks to Ian Sands & Donald Peters for the video suggestions! :)



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