Dot Day 2012

Congratulations #niprockart students!  We completed our Dot Day artworks!

What a busy day!  Three classes at Nip-Rock High created large, interactive artworks today to help celebrate Dot Day.  

The grade 11 & 12 classes worked together this afternoon by becoming dots in a large dot-to-dot picture.  We invited a group of young students from two local schools to complete the picture by becoming the lines that would 'connect the dots'.  They were so helpful, and they made a beautiful artwork to share with the world (which we decided to call World Peace, since it is our first project that is part of International Dot Day):

Thank you so much to our 'guest artists'!
...and a very special thank you to Mr. Lespi, our rooftop photographer!
Our second project was completed by the grade 9 class, who wanted to experiment with a new material:  ice!  The courtyard was our canvas, but to make sure we could see our coloured orbs properly, we used some white sheets to cover the grass.  

What seemed to be an easy project had developed into something that involved a series of steps.  After using many more balloons than we had anticipated, dying our hands multiple colours, and running out of freezer space, we came close to being properly prepared for Dot Day.

These pictures make the process seem so easy, so to make sure to tell the whole story, here are a few extra pictures! :) 

 After drawing on the floor with dry-erase markers to make an estimate for the number of balloons we would need, we quickly found out how difficult it was to erase it from the floor!  (oops!)




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