Appropriate Appropriation?

Shocking!  Outrageous!  How dare he...??

Richard Prince used/stole/appropriated Instagram images from other artists and displayed them in a gallery, sold them, and made a huge profit.  Read about the story here:  "Artist Steals Instagram Photos & Sells Them For $100K At NYC Gallery".

What would you think if someone used one of your images in order to make a profit, but you didn't get any of the money?  ...and if you weren't asked for permission?

According to MoMA, appropriation is the intentional borrowing, copying, and alteration of preexisting images and objects.

 Let's take a step back in time...

Do you recognize this picture?

Fountain about this one?


Appropriation isn't new.  In fact, it's a very old concept.  The use of found objects & readymades has caused controversy for many years, but, as Austin Kleon states, great artists steal (or was it Picasso?) ;)

To my #NipRockArt-ists:  What is your point of view?  Is this a controversial issue, or are these artists simply using an artistic tool and re-creating for the purpose of expression?  Are they making a statement?  How valid is their statement, if they have used someone else's work?  How important is originality in a work of art?  Who is the real artist?

Grade 12 students:

Prepare a thorough examination of this topic.  Clearly share your perspective in the format of your choice:  blog post, Google doc, ...another creative option??

We will prepare a scheme for evaluation together in class.



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