Experiments in the Art Room

The grade 9 art students are brave & ready for a challenge.  After admitting my (lack of) experience with stop motion animation and explaining how I hoped to try it in the class, they quickly shrugged and said "No problem, we'll try it out!" ~ awesome!  Guidance was needed...
A solution came after reaching out to my colleagues in the world of Twitter.  Wes Fryer and Kevin Hodgson both came to the rescue by offering helpful advice (thanks guys!).  A free SAM Animation download was the first option...  I downloaded the software and the experiments began!  The next software suggestion was JellyCam Stop-Motion Maker but unfortunately my Mac is a bit too old for the latest version so I will be looking for other ways to use the program.
Kevin's "Making Stopmotion Movies" site has been extremely helpful by offering steps, planning sheets and handy tips.  The students and I refer to his site again and again!

 At this point, the students are enjoying the challenge!  Working in (very) small groups, they have written their stories, described their characters and are now designing the backdrops for upcoming scenes.  This is the easy part.  The real learning will come soon when we explore a variety of ways to make our movies!


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