PLEASE Don't Make Me Memorize!

Grade 11 students, this is your chance to find your own path to learning a bit about art history.  We're taking a glimpse at the time of the French Revolution, and I would invite you to read, watch & respond to the introduction I've provided here:

Use your blog to sort out your thoughts.  Do you understand what the Revolution was about?  If not, how can we simplify the issues?  Are some resources better at explaining the issues of the time?  Can you compare some issues to what we have (or take for granted) in today's society?

After you have figured out the main issues that help you understand this time period, select an artwork from those that have been provided on the introduction page.  Keep in mind that there are other artworks from the same time period that also relate to the Revolution -- feel free to search for another artwork if you like.

Now... how will you make your artwork tell a story?

*Note: I'd much rather give my students the chance to create memories in class rather than try to study without understanding context.  Tests always made me nervous and forget what I had studied for, so I prefer projects as a more comfortable method of learning.


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