Have a Heart, Make Some Art

Grade 11 #niprockart students are taking on a new challenge:  to put their art where their heart is.  Inspired by the work of Tricia Fuglestad and Suzanne Tiedemann, I decided that it was time to make good use of our art skills.  Art can't be made just for its own sake all the time...

Yesterday, the grade 11 class made a list of local charities, and will soon be choosing the organization they would like to support the most.  They will also be deciding what type of art will be the best to produce for our project, which isn't as easy as it seems.  Although different students like to work with different types of materials, our goal is to raise funds.  What will people want to buy?
I'm sure that people will support our cause and purchase items to help out, but more people will support us if our product is appealing.  So... good luck to my class as you make your art with a bit of heart!


  1. What a wonderful experience this will be! Best to you Mrs. rose and class.

    1. Thank you! We really hope to follow in your footsteps to help a worthy cause nearby. Can't wait!


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