Dot Day 2013

#NipRockArt students have been so busy creating projects for Dot Day!  

We would like to thank Chelsie Meyer and her students at Waverly-Shell Rock Middle School for sharing their idea for this year's fun project:   using the ColAR Mix app to create 3D art!

We have had so much fun creating our 3D images and using Augmented Reality for the first time!  We tried to connect to discuss our projects, but our audio didn't work very well.  We'll definitely keep trying!
Our connection may have been weak, but we'll keep trying to chat!

We were happy to connect with Jake Jacobs and his students in New York, who also celebrated Dot Day:  


A huge thank you to Jake & his students for chatting with us today!

We are busy working on our Dot Day Mural, and we'll be sure to share the finished work as soon as it's  done.  Here is our work in progress:

We are so thankful for Dot Day.  We have been inspired to make our own marks and to connect with others around the world!  

*Take a look at our Dot Day activities from last year:  Dot Day 2012

Thanks to Jake Jacobs for recording part of our chat today:

(the video made me smile because it shows some of the technical issues we dealt with)


  1. This is an amazing "gallery" of creative energy! Thanks for sharing International Dot Day with me! Consider our "dots connected" - cheering you on from Boston, MA. Peter

  2. I really love these kinds of posts. I think it is very important to share how we are teaching and learning in our classrooms.

    I imagine the students really enjoyed the activities. It is all about making experiences!

    Mr. C


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