Does Popular Art = Good Art?

Today, Alix Spiegel posted an article on the National Public Radio site, "Good Art is Popular Because It's Good.  Right?".  What a great question!  Have you ever wondered why some artworks get more attention than others?

Barnett Newman's "Voice of Fire" got a lot of attention when it was purchased by Canada's National Gallery in 1990 for $1.8 million.  You can imagine the comments: "$1.8 million!  For three stripes?!" How does this compare to the popularity of the Mona Lisa?

Listen to a short radio clip that questions successful art:

Grade 12 #NipRockArt students, what do you think?  Do you think that popular art is good art?  What about art in galleries: is it chosen because it's good?  Who decides what is 'good art'?  Is there a way to find out?

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