Time... for some fantastic art

Yesterday, the grade 9 class discussed change, and how we can view the concept from a variety of perspectives.  Ideas like seasons, moods, opposites, night/day, clothing, music and imagery were offered as possible ways to define the concept.  

Change and time have a mysterious connection...

How can we use the concept of TIME in our art?  How do we show the passage of time?  Can we capture time?  Is there beauty in the progression of time, or can it be seen as a force of change with unyielding power?

Grade 9 students are gearing up for a momentous FINAL TASK that will challenge their use of the Creative Process over the next month.  They will be investigating the concept of time, and will explore several artists who use related ideas & themes in their work.  They will document their ideas, experiments and questions using their digital portfolios, and we will present the finished artworks on this blog.

*A special thank you to Apex HS for inspiring this project.   

Would you like to offer suggestions of ideas & artists to the grade 9 class?  Feel free to comment on this blog post, or tweet to #NipRockArt.  We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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