Artists Observe...

What does it mean when we say that an artist observes?  What comes to mind?  What do you see when you take the time to observe, and what would you be observing?  Something tangible? Something no one else can see?

Is this artist observing?  Why or why not?  Let's look at another...

Is this artist observing?  Is it more or less successful because the image you see is realistic?

When you observe, you are absorbing the world around you.  When you create art, you are translating those observations for yourself and for others.  

Your drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints and conceptual pieces are manifestations of your interaction with others and your environment.  Grade 11 students, we will be taking a look at your art and the art of your classmates.  Think about what you are seeing.  What is the artist observing, and how is it presented for others?  How is the experience different for the artist than the audience?  Is this relevant?

Take a picture of your art and discuss your findings on a blog post.  Then, with the permission of your classmate, take a picture of their work and discuss it as well.  


~ thank you to Katherine Douglas for her insight & suggestions of resources ~



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