It's "Ask A Curator Day"!

#NipRockArt students, do you know what a curator is?  Get ready to find out.  Wednesday, September 17th is "Ask a Curator Day", and we'll be learning all about their roles & responsibilities by following the conversation on Twitter.

Grade 9 & 10, this is a great opportunity to become more familiar with people whose careers are focused on collecting and presenting art.  Grade 11, are there any questions you may have that relate to your Traditional vs. Contemporary Art assignment?

Take a look at the list of museums and galleries that are participating in the day's events:  "#AskACurator: Who to Ask".  Do you think that certain galleries may be able to answer your questions?

~ Don't forget to include #NipRockArt in your tweets! ~

A special thanks to Stacey Wallwin, who shared the information!


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