You've Got Style.

To my grade 12 students:

You've been in art for four years.  You've learned about many techniques and themes throughout high school, and now it is time for your last major task.

Believe it or not, you've been developing your own artistic behaviours since grade 9.  Take a look at Apex High School's rubric, which lists several artistic behaviours and provides descriptors that help us assess our progress.  Can you think of the behaviours in terms of the projects you have completed? What are your strongest behaviours, and where could you improve?

Consider your strengths and weaknesses when you decide how you will complete this last task.

  1. What are your priorities when you make art?  What are you trying to express or communicate?
  2. How do your materials help you communicate effectively?  Does it matter which technique you work with?  Why or why not?
  3. How important is proper presentation?  Who is your audience, and how will they be affected by your work?  What do you want them to think? see? feel?
Create a blog post (or Google doc) that explains your answers to the three questions listed above.  This will help determine your theme as well as your choice of material and technique.  Since we have classes for 2 1/2 weeks, our deadline is set quite firmly for the final artwork.

Your first blog post for this assignment is due Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015.  I will expect a minimum of two posts that share your progress, providing me with opportunities to offer feedback.  Finally, your last post will serve to present your finished piece.

Take advantage of this task and make the most of your artistic voice.  I look forward to seeing your plans and progress!


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