Can Art Help Us Understand The Refugee Crisis?

Grade 9 art students learned about the #refugeecrisis today in class. We watched @ctvcanadaam's interview with Chris Alexander (Canada's Immigration Minister), and we listened to Thomas Mulcair, who talked about the image of Aylan Kurdi, who drowned because his family was trying to escape an awful situation in Syria. We discussed the power of images and how they have the ability to raise awareness and understanding of events and issues. After studying Picasso's "Guernica", and the photograph of a young Vietnamese girl who was burned by napalm (photographer was Nick Ut), our class began to think of possible responses to the #refugeecrisis. How can our artworks help to make a difference? Can we develop a better understanding of events that matter in our world? Can we share our opinions with others through art? Can these expressions raise more awareness about an issue that upsets us? #art #artsed #arted #syria #society #immigration #NipRockArt
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