Grade 11 & 12 Art: Welcome to Week 3!

Senior art students have been busy these past two weeks! It's been great to get back into the swing of things and to reconnect with this class of artists.

Our first major project has begun.  Students began this project by responding to a quote by Keith Haring:
I am me. I may look like you, but if you take a closer look you will realize that I am nothing like you at all. I am very different. I see things through a completely different perspective because in my life I had experiences that you didn’t have, and I had feelings you didn’t have, and I’ve lived places and seen places and experienced life from a completely different point of view than you have. I may be wearing the same shoes and the same haircut, but that gives you no right to have any preconceived notions about what I am or who I am. ~ Keith Haring (Source:  Engaging Learners Through Artmaking, 2009)

These responses extended into a studio assignment that was meant to challenge both their technical skills as well as their creativity and originality.

Grade 11

You are a box.  If a box is an object that can be used to represent who you are, how does that affect our notion of what a box is?
You will think about limitations, as you reflect on Keith Haring’s quote.  How can your artwork respond to his ideas?  How can your artwork express your response?
Grade 12

You are a book.  Like Keith Haring’s quote said, you are unlike anyone else, with different experiences, perspectives and dreams.
How can you define your individuality, your character, your uniqueness, by creating a book?  How much freedom do you have, by creating a book that defines you?  What is a book?

This assignment seems simple at first, but once we started to discuss the possible interpretations of each object, we discovered that there was so much more freedom than we first thought.  Students are beginning to think outside the box, and are beginning to work with materials and techniques that represent their experiences and character.  

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We have also started to use our analysis skills.  For some students, this is a great opportunity to apply their knowledge, while others are using this time to get reacquainted with the analysis process.

To read a description of each category, visit this link.
Grade 11 students have been asked to analyse a contemporary artwork from the HitRecord site, while Grade 12 students have been asked to respond to one of JR's recent works.

Analysing art helps us to develop an appreciation for art while reinforcing our literacy skills.  When we analyse an artwork, we take very deliberate steps to help us organize our thoughts.  By following these steps, we are able to share our thinking with others much more effectively.



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