Week De Technique

Each month, the grade 11 art class will have one week completely devoted to learning about new materials and techniques.  Each “Week De Technique” will focus on providing students with the chance to become more familiar with media in order to develop their skills and to provide a wider range of options when they are responding to themes in class.

Some of these materials and techniques might include:

centering clay on the potter’s wheel
linear perspective
animation (ex. stop motion)
contour line drawings
silkscreen printing

It is important to remember that artists don't always work with traditional techniques or materials. Depending on an artist's goal or message, he/she might work with unconventional media... such as rainbow loom elastics, moss text, or sound installations.

In this class, effective communication is key.  

Artists communicate through their use of materials. We simply have to find the language we prefer to speak.



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