Grade 9 students will be using the next few weeks to explore the theme of FEAR.  Today, we began to look at a variety of artists whose works can be connected with our theme in some way.

We can enjoy watching Thriller, but do we appreciate the work involved in making the video?  Who produced the video?  Who designed the costumes?  Who created the special effects?  How did all of these people work together on one project?

How does Tim Burton create films from sketches and designs?  Are his fears shown in the drawings and film, or have other people created the ideas first?

Edward Gorey's illustrations are quite detailed and beautiful, but can be considered disturbing as well.  How is his art connected with fear?  How does he use art to share his ideas with others?  Is his art successful?

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, by Francisco Goya, is a print that invites us to question its meaning.  Immediately we can begin to associate our own discomfort with nightmares while we wonder what message the artist is trying to express.  Why is this image unsettling?  

Alfred Hitchcock, also known as the Master of Suspense, used his skills as an artist and director to create some of the most well-known films in history.  Think of how he used art to tell a story effectively; the skills he had to develop and the determination to complete each project.


How will you tell your story?  What are your fears?  What are you willing to share with others?  Would it be easier to explore fears that are shared by everyone?  What materials or techniques would allow you to express your ideas effectively?  What would you like to create?  What will your work represent?  

You will have at least two weeks to devote to this project, and you will have access to all of the materials in our art room.  As discussed in class, each stage of your creative process will be evaluated, so make sure to keep a record of your work.  Ideally, your work will be shared on your blog, where you can post pictures of your notes/sketches and you can explain your thinking.

We will discuss the criteria that will be used for evaluation in class.


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