Artists Support Other Artists

There is a sense of community within the art world; a comradery of sorts, between people who share common passions, experiences and understanding.  Artists are gifted with the ability to see their world differently -- through a different lens.  We offer fresh perspectives and insights that others may have otherwise overlooked.  We are creative, dynamic and innovative.

Creativity is hard work, and we need support to fuel our fire.  Who best to support artists than other artists?  In the image above, take your time to click on each link to gain an appreciation for a variety of ways that artists support other artists.  Consider the spectrum of support; individuals, communities, and international organizations.  Are you familiar with everything that has been shared?  Is there anything missing?

You are presented with the task of increasing your knowledge and appreciation for ways that artists support other artists.  Your thinking will be shared using your blog (and possibly other media).  I want you to think of the reasons why this awareness is important for art students, as well as the general public.  We will also connect with some of the organizations profiled, and hopefully they will help to describe their role in the lives of artists and communities.

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