Artists Tell Stories

You are an artist.  You also have a story to tell.  It's time to combine these two aspects of your life.

Browse through the links provided in the image above.  How have artists used their materials, techniques and craft to tell stories?  What stories did they tell?  Why did they tell these stories?  Who was their audience?  Are all stories meant to be shared, or are some reserved for certain people?  Are some stories affected by time?  How important is context?

Let your mind wander through these questions, and consider how they might relate to you and the stories you could tell.  What stories could you tell?  Would your stories reflect an aspect of your life, or would you rather observe life around you?  Do you connect to a story created by someone else? How could you re-tell another person's story?  Is it appropriate to remix someone else's work?

Think about the way you could share this story.  Do you think you could convey a story using traditional materials (like Caravaggio)?  Would you rather consider unconventional techniques to add layers to your narrative, such as transparencies?  How might your intended audience best understand your message?  How important is clear communication?

We will discuss these questions in class, along with multiple possibilities for your project.  I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with!

**Link to your assignment:  "Artists Tell Stories"


  1. I love this!! Thanks so much for posting it and linking it to your assignment slide show.


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