End-of-the-Semester Stop Motion

#NipRockArt students, it's time to play a bit.  Do you know what Stop Motion is?  Have you watched stop motion videos or movies?  Take a peek at a few that I created last night as examples for you:

A video posted by Colleen Rose (@colleenkr) on

Want to see the high-tech equipment I needed to make the videos?

A photo posted by Colleen Rose (@colleenkr) on
Now, enjoy these examples of great stop motion videos:

Moving On from ainslie henderson on Vimeo.


What do you think it takes to make a good stop motion video?  Here are a few things you need to get started:

  • a camera & software (OR) a stop motion app:  (mini, experimental videos can be made using Vine & Instagram, but for more control, try iMotion or another noteworthy app)
  • a tripod (or anything that will hold your phone/camera steady while you take your photos
  • lighting:  nothing special, just make sure that your lighting doesn't change, or that shadows are where you want them...
There are more things you can use, but this is a really nice way to begin.  Keep it simple.  Play.  

Oh, and find out what "fps" means.  It will help you make a smooth video.




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