Grade 9 students are beginning to create designs for their linocut projects.  Yesterday, Mrs. Rose demonstrated how to print using a carved piece of linoleum (courtesy of former students who left their designs in the classroom):

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The class is learning how to use lines to design a small composition, transfer it onto linoleum and carve.  These designs will be printed multiple times, in order to create note cards for our upcoming Community Tea on Wednesday, February 24th.

Check out this artist's work:

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On a related note, let's take a look at the value of a work done by Albrecht Durer (not a linocut):


Shepard Fairey is a very popular contemporary artist, whose work might seem familiar if you check out his posts on Instagram.  Here, he signs a number of new silkscreen prints:

Shepard signing the Power and Glory letterpress prints. #obeygiant #shepardfairey #letterpress

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