Helping Our Fellow Canadians

"Going to school" means so much more than learning about math, art, science or physical education.  When we learn, we are also developing our character.  Whenever possible, it is important to notice what we are doing and how we are growing as people who will make an impact on others.

Peter Cameron is an educator who uses every opportunity to share these principles with his students. His classroom has had a very positive influence on our world, and recently, he invited my students to share in this experience.  Please read "#Schools4FortMac" to see how he and his students provided an opportunity for schools to learn about so much more than textbook material.  

My e-learning Media Art students used their new skills to create Google Drawings, which are similar to digital posters.  Each drawing provides information and helpful links for readers who would like to help support their fellow Canadians in times of need.  Please look through the student posts that are provided below.  Feel free to share this post if you think that it would help raise funds for Fort McMurray (and Attawapiskat).


Our hearts go out to our fellow Canadians who are facing such terrible times.

Related resource:  "Attawapiskat Donates $5000 To Help Fort McMurray"


  1. Hello from Mr. C's Grade 5/6 Class in Thunder Bay! We viewed "We are the Mac" and it made us feel inspired and sad but it also gave us hope. We felt amazing and special to be mentioned in your incredible blog because what you said made us feel like super heroes. You made us realize that people actually notice and care about what we are doing. We also know that your class cares about making a difference and that you really care about Fort Mac and you want to help them. We know that tragedies occur and we aren't really sure why but what we do know is that together we are M.A.D!!


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