Our first priority as we get warmed up for the semester:  we need to relax.  How will we relax?  We're going to play!

Before we begin our activities, each student will need to set up a Google account and a blog.  If you don't have a Google account, please visit this site:

When/if you have your Google account ready, it's time to create your blog!

Find the BLOGGER app by clicking on the icon shown above.
Find "Blogger" and click "New Blog".  Follow the steps to create your blog for this course:  Think of a title that you'll be happy to share, as well as a blog address (you will share this address with me once your blog is created).  When it is up & running, feel free to play with the look and the theme of your blog -- I can help you with this too!

To find your URL, click on the button "view blog".  Send this link to me (I'll give you my email address in class).


This week's challenge is PLAY.  We're going to play by participating in a challenge on the HITRECORD site (students have the option of using their name or an alias).


Here is some inspiration from Seth Godin:

Image courtesy of Seth's Blog



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