Let's Use #ArtProfDare to Get Us Thinking About #Canada150

Last week, grade 11 art students were introduced to #Canada150, a project that will challenge our ideas about citizenship, identity and expression.  This week, we are beginning our preliminary work. This work will help us focus on the main ideas from a variety of perspectives.  To help, I will be sharing Clara Lieu's October Art Dare with students -- brainstorming and mind mapping are fabulous techniques to generate ideas!

Why is it important to generate ideas?  Originality and creativity are two words that are often thrown around, but what do they mean?

Your thoughts, your ideas, and your perspectives need to be shared.  I have already seen and heard my own ideas, as well as those from other artists.  This is your chance to find out what you are capable of.  How do you see things?  What is your opinion?  How do we form an opinion or an idea about #Canada150?  This week is devoted to developing your ideas.  *We are following the steps in the Creative/Design Process.  Take a look at --> this post <-- to learn more.


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