Sketchnoting & Critical Thinking... What Are They & How Do They Connect?

What is sketchnoting?  Why is it useful?  How does a person create a sketchnote?

Our senior art class is going to learn about sketchnoting and use it to help us understand critical thinking.  (well, that's the plan... we'll see how it goes)

First, an intro video:

*this is one of several videos on either sketchnoting or visual note taking

Sketchnoting is quite different than "regular" note-taking because you have to sift through the material you are trying to collect.  You won't try to capture everything, and instead you must decide which ideas are most important along with the information that will support/illustrate/explain those ideas.

We will explore the work of "noteworthy" sketchnoters, such as Sylvia Duckworth, Katharina TB, Silvia Tolisano and more (if you know a great sketchnoter, send a tweet my way!  @ColleenKR)

Moving on to critical thinking:

Our class will use sketchnoting to visualize the information from the following video:

Some ideas to consider:

  • what are the important things to remember about critical thinking?
  • are there facts that support these ideas?
  • what will the layout look like?  (and why is this important?)
  • will you use just text and layout to create your sketchnote, or will you include colour & visuals?


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